Next exhibition
EAU - London
March 25.- 27. 2017
EBMT - Marseille
March 26.- 29. 2017
BIT - Milan
April 2.- 4. 2017
ECS - Norimberg
April 4.- 6. 2017
EASL - Amsterdam
April 19.- 23. 2017
ECCMID - Vienna
April 22.- 25. 2017
EAS - Prague
April 23.- 26. 2017
Seafood - Brussels
April 25.- 27. 2017
Autosaloon - Bratislava
April 25.- 30. 2017
Metpack- Essen
May 2.- 6. 2017

Agentura EVKA, s.r.o. (hereinafter “EVKA Agency”) provides from 1988 services relating to exhibition stands' construction and installation not only in Europe but in other continents as well. EVKA Agency provides full range of services from design, construction, set up, transport till graphics, prints, audio-visual equipment, catering, etc.

In 1997 in Melbourne (Australia) EVKA Agency was accepted as a member of the international association providing services in the area of exhibitions and trade fairs OCTANORM SERVICE PARTNER INTERNATIONAL “ OSPI . This net operates in 55 countries of the world and has more than 150 members.



EVKA Agency has representatives in Argentine, Brasil, USA, Poland, Czech Republic and gained experiences during set up of exhibition stands around the world.


References from our clients:

'' I would like to thank again to you and all Evka grate crew for excellent job at Barcelona 2012 ''

'' I look forward to working with EVKA in the future! ''

'' Please share my thanks and the thanks of the client and the sales team with everyone who had something to do with this project. I wish I were there to shake their hands personally and thank them ''

'' Our client was extremely, extremely happy on how everything turned out and I know that it wouldn’t be possible without EVKA ''


EVKA Agency is a medium sized company with 20 employees in administration and 50 employees in charge of construction, set up of exhibition stands and transport.

Except of this we closely cooperate with sub-contractors in the area of architecture and design.



  Agentura EVKA, s.r.o. ,Galvaniho 14, SK - 821 04 Bratislava, Slovak Republic, Europe